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  • Added a new pipeline for getting image generation in seconds.
  • Users can create a mask image around the object and remove that object
Users Can access all the APIs available on the Platform with 39,999 API calls.
Our latest update includes
30 API calls
before you are prompted or tasked with subscribing. Test out the capabilities (we are constantly improving and customising, so results may vary).
We wanted to reduce the barrier to the entry. Start playing with our playground today or through API calls.
All generated images will be auto deleted in 30 days.
Additionally, you can deploy some S3 buckets on your end to store your old generated images.
All your generations will be 100% private and not be used in training any model.
SD3 is now available for everyone.
SD3 excels at a variety of styles, and interprets prompts with far greater accuracy than previous base models. It's also an incredible step forward in text adherence.
Access: "model_id": "stable-diffusion-3-medium"